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Norstar MICS & CICS Analog Station Mod (0X8) REFUB NTBB51CA

Analog Station Mod (0X8) REFUB
Manufacturer: Nortel
Description Each ASM can support 8 analog devices (data or voice - i.e. single line telephones, fax machines, and modems) with speeds up to 33.6 Kbps. Each ASM has 3 connectors: one DS-30 fiber link for daisy-chaining and one 50-pin male amphenol connector that provides connections for up to 8 analog devices. Requires Norstar 2-Port Fiber expansion card, 6-Port Fiber expansion card, or 6-Port Combo expansion card. A maximum of two ASMs, providing a total of 16 analog ports, can be connected through a single DS-30 port on an Expansion Cartridge. The total number of ASMs that can be installed is determined by the number of DS-30 ports available. Maximum distance for any analog station is 4,000 ft. No Off Premise Extensions (OPX) are supported from the ASM - they are supported by the Analog Terminal Adapter-2 (ATA-2) Compatible with all MICS software releases.

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